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TABASCO gift sets are a great way for customers to try a variety of their products or give as a gift to someone who loves spicy food.

TABASCO gift sets are packaged in attractive boxes or gift bags, making them a great option for special occasions or holidays. They can also be a great corporate gifts.

TABASCO gift sets are a popular choice for hot sauce enthusiasts, as they offer a convenient way to try a variety of TABASCO products and flavors. They are also a great gift for someone who loves spicy food or wants to add a little heat to their cooking.

In summary, TABASCO gift sets are a great way for customers to try a variety of TABASCO products or give as a gift to someone who loves spicy food. 
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  • TABASCO® Brand Gift Set 'SPECIAL SELECTION' 7 x 148ml glass bottles
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  • TABASCO® Brand Gift Set 'BURNING FLAVOURS' 7 x 148ml glass bottles
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  • TABASCO® Brand Gift Set 'HARD-TO-FIND-FLAVOURS' 7 x 148ml glass bottles
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  • TABASCO® Brand Gift Set 'SIZZLING SET' 7 x 148ml glass bottles
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  • TABASCO Brand Gift Set 5 x 60ml
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  • TABASCO® Caddy 6 bottles (4x148ml + 2x256ml)
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  • TABASCO Core Set (4x60ml)
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  • TABASCO Core Set (4x150ml)
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  • TABASCO Set 6 (6x60ml)
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Buying TABASCO® Gift sets

On the hunt for a unique gift for special occasions or the festive holidays? Buy unique gifts from TABASCO® for the festive days such as Christmas, Father’s day, Mothers’s day or birthdays. Order TABASCO® gift sets now on the official webshop with fast delivery within the EU. Tabasco Country Store is the number #1 webshop in Europe for buying your favorite hot sauces. The webshop not only has the largest assortment of different sauces and merchandise across Europe, but also has the largest collection of unique gift sets with the best hot sauces in the world that you cannot find anywhere else.

TABASCO® McIlhenny is known as a seasoning for many dishes and as the best spicy / hot sauces in the world. In addition to its world-famous sauces, TABASCO® also has exclusive TABASCO® sauces available, packaged in gift sets. The hottest sauce is the TABASCO® Scorpion sauce, made from one of the hottest peppers in the world. No less than 10 times hotter than TABASCO® red pepper sauce. In addition, TABASCO® also has many sauces such as; chili sauces, roasted pepper sauce, sauces for your hot wings and barbecue sauces.

A TABASCO® sauce set for everyone 

We sell countless gift sets for everyone, from mild sweet to spicy/hot sauces. All gifts listed, rare products and a unique offer. A wide selection of Louisiana inspired TABASCO® gift boxes and sets all come with individual assortments of signature TABASCO® spicy/hot pepper sauces. Whether you're looking to restock your own kitchen or are looking for the perfect foodie gift, our sauce sets are sure to please any spicy/hot sauce lover. In addition, there are plenty of sauces perfect for barbecuing. An ideal gift to give to anyone who loves grilling.

TABASCO® as the hottest gift 

The TABASCO® sauce sets are perfect to give (yourself) as a present. In addition, you save on buying gift sets compared to buying individual bottles. Do you know someone who can't live without TABASCO®?

Promotional gifts 

Looking for TABASCO® promotional gifts? Whether you want to give your lunch a kick or find the perfect surprise for colleagues and clients, we have just what you want to add to the working week. The TABASCO® minis, for example, are a real must-have for in the bag / as take-away. From Bloody Mary, popcorn, chicken wings to oysters.. Never without TABASCO®. Available in a handy travel package with 4 minis, 6x4 minis or 144 minis. Also discover our gift sets, with our most favorite sauces. A gift that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

TABASCO® sauce gift sets

What's inside the different TABASCO® Gift Sets? The sets contain the most famous sauces from TABASCO®, but also entail more exclusive and unique sauces. A great gift for any foodie and spicy / hot sauce fans, packed in a nice and attractive packaging. The TABASCO® sauce sets Caddy 2-flavour, 7-flavour / 8-flavour are a selection of TABASCO® sauces that are not just an addition to your dishes. These are supplied in a metal caddy, a real eye catcher for your kitchen. The TABASCO® Original Red Sauce is known as the most famous sauce, loved all over the world and endlessly versatile. In addition, the TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Sauce is just perfect for mild dips and Mexican cuisine. TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce but then mixed with a fresh raspberry puree resulting in a sweet, smoky and spicy sauce.. That is the TABASCO® Chipotle Raspberry Sauce. Perfect to combine with beef, fish, poultry or as a dressing. Are you looking for other fruity, sweet sauces but a bit spicy? The TABASCO® Sweet & Spicy is sweet and mild, the ultimate dipping sauce. While sweeter sauces lend themselves perfectly to almost any dish, the TABASCO® Buffalo Sauce and TABASCO® Roasted Pepper Sauce lend themselves perfectly as a barbecue sauce. Are you going for an exclusive TABASCO® sauce? The limited Edition flavor TABASCO® Family Reserve is made from premium and exclusive ingredients, aged for 8 years in white oak barrels.

TABASCO® Scoville level / scale

What is a TABASCO® Scoville Level/Scale? It indicates the pungency of the spicy/hot peppers. This is also pronounced as Scoville Heat Units. A "Scoville Heat Unit" is a measure of capsaicin - or the chemical in peppers that is responsible for the pungency. For example, the TABASCO® Scorpion Sauce has a strong Scoville rating that is up to 10x hotter than TABASCO® Original Red.